Our History
Our History
As A Roofing Contractor , We Know Trust Is Built, Not Bought.

Learn a little more about us and what makes us special.

How We Got Here

134 Years Of Our History
In 1886, William Gluth started a small, local roofing company in Hammond, Indiana. In 1918 William and his son, Henry R. Gluth, became business partners and started Consumers Roofing Company. In 1956 Henry R. Gluth and his sons, Henry Jr., Chester, and Robert, incorporated Consumers Roofing Company. In 1993 Henry Jr. Gluth’s sons Brian, Russell, Eric, and Randy formed Gluth Brothers Roofing Company Inc.

What We Do

134 Years Of Our History

We Operate With Integrity

Your roof keeps you, your family, and your business safe, clean, and secure, which is why we operate professionally and transparently.

We Customize Each Job

Whether your home or business is in need of a repair or replacement, we customize each job specifically to your needs.

We Provide Quality Work

We pride ourselves on on the level of quality that we deliver from start to finish.

We Promote Leadership

We enable change from the inside, by encouraging our staff to develop their professional skills and continue to excel for decades to come.